Access Statement


Arrival and Car Parking Facilities

There is no entry barrier. Late arrival/ visitor parking is provided, there is no designated parking for disabled drivers. This parking is located within 20 metres of the reception building, it is of gravel construction.


This is located near the site entrance. There is gravel in front of the entrance. The reception porch has a 175mm step onto the veranda 760mm clear opening width. The door has a glass panel, is stiff to open and there is a lever handle. The reception is not manned at all times, therefore on arrival, if the reception is not open please proceed to a pitch and the warden will visit you later. The reception is not currently fitted with an induction loop system to assist hearing
aid users.


There are a total of 40 pitches, at present there is not a dedicated disabled pitch.

Public areas of the site

The main pedestrian routes through the site share the vehicle roadways, which are constructed of a gravel surfaces. There is a gravel path through the centre of the site to the toilet block. The remainder of the site is grass areas. The glades are grass with a number of hard standings. These hard standings are of a gravel construction.

Toilet blocks

There is a toilet/shower blocks on the site. This is located in the centre of the park. There are facilities to park adjacent if visitors need to use their car to reach it.

The toilet block has a 1 metre wide concrete path surrounding it providing access to all areas. There are individual entrances to the male and female toilets/showers. Each door has a 20mm step with 840mm clear opening width and heavy door closers.

The lights in the shower block come on automatically and will remain on for 5 minutes without any movement. The showers are motion sensitive. In the male facilities there are 3 shower cubicles, 4 privacy cubicles and 2 WC cubicles and 3 urinals. In the female facilities there are 4 shower cubicles, 4 privacy cubicles and 3 WC cubicles. All the cubicles have inward-opening doors.

The taps to the washbasins are push down type with adjustable temperature.

There is a disabled shower and WC located on the road side of the toilet block. The door is 840mm wide outward-opening with a 20mm step. The internal doors are all lockable and sliding. There is an entrance lobby of 2320mm x 1600mm. The toilet room is 2320mm x 1540mm; the washbasin is located within reach of the WC. The WC pan seat offers right-hand transfer, there are some grab rails provided for support and an alarm system is provided. Taps and controls are lever type to assist people with limited manual dexterity. The floor is ceramic tiles. The shower room is 2560mm x 2160mmm, with a seat provided with left-hand transfer, there are grab rails for support and an alarm system and a shower curtain are provided. Taps and controls are lever type to assist people with limited manual dexterity.

Additional Information

A Fire Risk Assessment has been undertaken in line with the current regulations. Fire assembly point is on the level ground behind the waste and water point in the centre of the site. The policy and procedures for Fire Safety and Fire Fighting equipment are regularly monitored by wardens. Customer care is a fundamental part of training for all our Wardens. The reception for mobile phones can vary, an emergency phone is available at the warden’s house.


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